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Sustainable viticulture

A certified approach

The property’s philosophy is to respect the environment and use natural products as much as possible: grass, organic fertilizers to maximize the vine quality, natural methods rather than weeding, well-reasoned use of insecticides and chemicals products. We are proud to have obtained the certification Haute Valeur Environnemental (HVE)! This certification is granted by the partners of the Grenelle of Environment and means that we manage the vineyard according to very strict specifications.

A daily commitment

Our team, involved in the HVE approach, works every day with the constant concern to reduce the environmental impact. It means maintaining and developing biodiversity within and around plots and promoting the development of the wildlife present in the vineyard, indispensable for the regulation of destroying insects.

This strong commitment to the environment is in line with the ambitions of Jean Luc Sylvain and his team. An experienced cooper, he knows better than anyone what Man owes to nature and how much we must respect it.