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The vineyard


Precious soil

The territory of the Lussac-Saint-Emilion Appellation extends in the north of the hill of Saint-Emilion. It benefits from a vine-friendly microclimate, with moderate rainfall and warm summer temperatures. In Lussac, the vineyards stretch from valleys to plateaus, forming a south-facing amphitheatre. This arrangement promotes natural drainage. The soils are mainly clay-limestone.

40 % of the vineyards have been replanted since 2003. This colossal project has been motivated by the need to choose the varieties best suited to the soils on the estate.
Château la Rose Perrière red wine vineyards are planted on the southern slopes of the Lussac hills, where the soil is shallow (30 to 50 cm) and limestone containing marine fossils dominates from the first horizon. The vines plunge their roots into these different, more or less friable layers to give the wines the tension and mineral quality that we know today. The northern slopes are given over to the white grape varieties

The different grape varieties

The varieties of the property are the traditional ones of the Saint-Emilionnais: Merlot: 80% - Cabernet Sauvignon: 7% - Cabernet Franc: 10% - Malbec: 3%. Cut in double Guyot, the average age of the vine is 30 to 45 years. We keep 8 to 10 bunches per stock, to obtain a yield between 35 and 40 hectolitre.
The white grape varieties of Château La Perrière include Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillion and Muscadelle.