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The cellar is equipped with 10 stainless steel tanks of 50 and 100 hectoliters, those being perfectly adapted for a parcel vinification. The grapes are even selected on the vines: it's ultra fragmented.

The great originality of the estate’s wines is that they are totally vinified in new barrels. This ancient process has been revised by Tonnellerie Sylvain (following a wide range of tests, comparisons and experiments concerning the origin of the wood, its drying time, the toasting process and the types of vinification) and has shown that the ideal vinification volume is a 500-litre barrel. Tests are currently underway relating to extraction management (cap submerged and cap-breaking staves) and fermentation temperature control. These 500-litre barrels are arising a growing interest among the most prestigious estates in Bordeaux and abroad. 

The contribution of the wood is immediate and integrated with the fruit from the beginning. The malolactic fermentation is done for one part in vat, for the other in barrel.  


The wine is aged between 12 and 14 months in new and once-used French oak barrels from Tonnellerie Sylvain. The harmonious synergy of the duo wood-wine helps patiently to sublimate and refine the wines respecting the fruit, giving roundness and strengthening the structure of the wine.